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  1. Driving Government Digital Transformation with a Complete, Trusted Cloud

    A sample of the partners for Azure Government Marketplace includes: F5 Networks, Cisco Systems, ESRI, Citrix, Barracuda, and Splunk.

  2. NGA Launches Hurricane Matthew Portal

    Brian Cameron, FEMA liaison at the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, discussed NGA's new Hurricane Matthew portal and explained how, in the private sector, Esri and Amazon web services help geospatially enable the data for the unclassified...

  3. Inter-school Cross-curricular Project Competition on Climate Change 2016/17 launched

    The Education Bureau has organized the Inter-school Cross-curricular Project Competition on Climate Change 2016-17 with Esri China (Hong Kong) Limited and Hong Kong Education City as strategic partners.

  4. City of Lawrence, Kansas, Adopts InfoSWMM

    A complete ArcGIS-centric urban drainage modeling solution, the full-featured InfoSWMM analysis and design program delivers the highest rate of return in the industry.

  5. Waze Now Shares Its Data With Cities To Improve Roads And Speed Up Journeys

    Waze, the crowd-sourced traffic app, has teamed up with Esri, a company that provides mapping software to governments and businesses.

  6. Wealthiest ZIP codes - Ranked by ESRI Wealth Rank

    ESRI wealth rankings determine wealth using a combination of indicators, including average household income, home value, average net worth, disposable income and considers accumulated wealth, possessions and resources, in addition to the rate of...

  7. Mapped: Nashville's wealthiest ZIP codes

    Esri, a national demographics company, compiled a list of the wealthiest areas in Nashville.

  8. OSIsoft Wants Its PI Database to Sit at the Heart of IIoT

    OSIsoft has a long list of partners that are also targeting the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) space. This list includes some impressive names: Esri, SAP, IBM, Honeywell, Microsoft, and Cisco.

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