Zoning Department

Mission Statement

To promote and protect public health, safety and welfare, encourage orderly and sustainable economic growth and development, protect and preserve natural resources and geographic features, and encourage planned and orderly land use based on compatibility thereby safeguarding property values.

Zoning Department Updates

September 14-18 is SepticSmart Week! Celebrate by ensuring that you follow these simple septic care tips:

Do you own a home or a rental property with a septic system? Protect your investment and Buffalo County's natural resources by knowing the top 10 ways to be a good septic owner.

For owners of rental properties with a septic system, these outreach materials can be used to help educate your rental guests that your home is on a septic system, and tips on what to put (or not put) down the sink and/or drain.

Rental Property Flyer 

Kitchen Postcard 

Bathroom Placard

Recent Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Zoning Ordinance Amendment- Ordinance # 19-08-01


The Zoning Department is responsible for the administration of the Buffalo County Zoning Ordinance 2018 which establishes the controls for most types of land use and development within all unincorporated areas of the county.

Other ordinances administered within the Department as stand-alone ordinances include:

The State of Wisconsin has mandated that counties are responsible for the administration of several State Statutes that have local as well as more far reaching land use considerations and effects. Those Statutes/Ordinances include:

Conditional Use / Variance and Rezone Applications
Applicants seeking a Conditional Use Permit*, Variance, Special Exception Permit or Rezone are required to present their proposal and permit application to the appropriate Town Board within which the property and proposed use is located. 

Following is the link to the required form:
 Towns Acknowledgement Form 

The Zoning Department will not place the application on the Board of Adjustment agenda until the applicant fulfills this requirement and the form is returned to the Zoning Department.

Town Zoning District Maps

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