Huber Intake


You are an inmate of the Buffalo County Jail and the rules located in this booklet and the General Inmate Information Booklet apply to you. Ignorance of these rules is no excuse or defense for any rule that you violate. All correspondence both written and verbal (including this document) that you receive or is posted for your benefit, is your responsibility to know and understand. If you don’t understand something about a rule, memo, procedure or verbal correspondence from a jailer, you may ask for clarification. You have been granted Huber Privileges under Wisconsin Statue 303.08 or given work release as a condition of your probation under Wisconsin Statue 973.09. During your stay at the Buffalo County Jail, you are expected to follow rules and regulations, which have been adopted for the purpose of maintaining proper custody and control of the inmate population. The purpose of this booklet is to make you aware of the Buffalo County Jail Huber/Work release rules and the type of behavior, which is required of you while you are an inmate of the Buffalo County Jail. Read, understand and follow the rules and you will have no problem serving your sentence at this facility. Failure to follow the rules and regulations of this jail may result in disciplinary action up to and including permanent revocation of Huber/Work release privileges and loss of goodtime. Buffalo County Jail HUBER LAW/WORK RELEASE RULES AND REGULATION

1. You will be allowed to continue your regular employment. If you become unemployed you will be given reasonable opportunity to secure employment. You will not be permitted to add jobs to already existing jobs (determined from the date of sentencing) to maximize the amount of time that you are away from the jail. You will immediately notify the jail staff of any change in your employment status.

2. Job Requirement for Huber Law Purpose: a. You must work at gainful employment in which you earn at least minimum wage. You will not be released to jobs for which you do not get paid. You will not be released to do work around your home. b. You will be allowed to work only one full time job. You may work a maximum of 6 days per week. You cannot be away from the jail more than 12 hours in a given day, including travel time. c. Part time employment is not allowed. You must have a minimum 32 hours per week of employment in order to qualify for Huber status. d. A work schedule, signed by your employer, must be on file with the jail staff prior to your being released. Any shift that exceeds the hours listed in your work schedule requires you to deliver, at least 24 hours in advance, a signed written request from your employer. In an emergency where your employer needs you to stay late, your employer needs to call the jail as soon as they are aware of the change and get authorization to keep you over your scheduled time. If you leave work early you must report directly back to jail. e. All Huber inmates must bring in proof that their employer carries Workmen’s compensation insurance prior to being released for work. f. Self-employed inmates must submit a copy of their health and accident insurance prior to being release for work. Self-employed inmates must provide documentation that they were self-employed prior to their sentenced jail time. This documentation may include tax papers, corporate papers, copy of tax ID number, or current contracts. Working as a subcontractor without proof of operating a business is not considered self-employed. g. If your employer requests you work on any of the following Holidays, the request must be on company letterhead. The request must include the date and hours you are being requested to work. The request must be turned in no later than seven days prior to the Holiday. You will not be allowed to work if you don’t have the company letterhead request or if the request is turned in late. For those inmates who are self-employed, NO work on Holidays, no exceptions. Those Holidays affected: New Year’s Eve Day New Year’s Day Easter Memorial Day Fourth of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day Christmas Eve Day Christmas Day

3. The charge for Huber privileges is $20.00 per day. This must be paid in advance. Huber Inmates must bring in cash or a money order for at least one week Huber Fees $140.00 at the time they are booked in. You will be responsible for paying the weekly balance on Sunday or may not be released for work. All Huber costs must be paid in full before you are released at the completion of your sentence. You may be returned to court for further action if you fail to comply. If your sentence is 20 days or less you must pay Huber fees in full. If you are self-employed you must pay your first (2) weeks in advance and fees shall continue to be paid weekly for the rest of your sentence. Huber inmates who have been sentenced to serve their time on weekends, who have full time employment, will be required to pay Huber fees for the days they serve. If you a transferring into Buffalo County to serve your Jail stay you will be charged $25.00 a day at a weekly rate of $175.00 and the same as stated above for paying your dues. If you are transferring to another county from Buffalo County you will need to report to the Buffalo County Jail, pass a Urine test which will cost $15.00 and pay a transfer fee of $30.00. When checking into the Buffalo County Jail for your stay, you will submit to a Urine test. The cost of this test is $15.00. If you fail this you will not be allowed to exercise your Huber/Work privileges until you pass this test. You may retest in five days but must pay an additional $15.00 for the retake.

4. You will spend all non-working hours in the jail. You may not go home, attend meetings, religious services or make appointments etc. without permission from the Jail Lt. or his/her designee. There will be no exceptions unless it is an extreme emergency. You must go directly to work and return directly to the jail after work. Inmates will be checked at their place of employment periodically. Any inmate not at his/her place of employment during his/her scheduled working hours could lose his/her Huber privilege. This includes lunch breaks. No person shall visit a Huber inmate at the job site or while the inmate is traveling to and from work or at any other time the Huber inmate is released into the public from jail. This includes other Huber inmates. You are not allowed to socialize or meet with your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, family friends or anyone else while you are away from the jail unless they are your means of transportation to and from work or appointments.

5. You may not enter taverns or consume any intoxicants of any kind or use or possess any non-prescription drugs. All prescription drugs shall be delivered to the jail staff and will be issued by the jailer on duty as the prescription indicates.

6. You shall obey all Federal, State and Local laws.

7. You will immediately report all police contacts (traffic stops, criminal investigations and tickets etc.) to jail staff.

8. In order to operate a motor vehicle, you will need to place on file with the jail proof of a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance.

9. You will submit to a search upon leaving and returning to the jail.

10. In accepting Huber/Work release privileges you may at any time be required to submit to a blood, breath or urine test. Refusal or failure to do so will result in the same disciplinary action being imposed as having a positive test for alcohol or controlled substances.

11. Any inmate reporting to jail for the start of their sentence with any measurable amount of alcohol in their system will be subject to disciplinary action and or loss of Huber/Work privileges.

12. Buffalo County is not responsible for any personal property, which is lost, broken or stolen.

13. Meals will be served if you are in jail at meal time. If necessarily absent from the jail at meal time, you will be furnished a sack lunch. If you leave the jail before 6am, you will be given a sack lunch for breakfast. If you are absent between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm, you will be given a sack lunch for lunch. If you return to jail after 6:00 pm, you will be given a sack lunch for dinner.

14. You will keep yourself clean, shave regularly, have a neat haircut and wear clean clothing. No gang related attire or correspondence will be tolerated within the jail or while out on Huber release.

15. Your bunk will be made with the blankets tucked under the mattress before leaving for work. Wall lockers are to be kept in an orderly fashion. Nothing is to be stored under your bunk, except shoes and your commissary tote. All Huber prisoners will be responsible for keeping the Huber dorm clean.

16. Inmates will be responsible for notifying jail staff when their personal and work clothes need to be washed. This will be done as time permits at the discretion of the jailer on duty.

17. You will be prosecuted and required to pay restitution for any damage to equipment, defacing or writing on walls, tampering with lighting systems, ventilators or windows in the Huber dorm. If you damage the commissary tote that you are assigned you will be charged $10.00.

18. Huber inmates are not allowed to bring any food or beverage into the jail. No food of beverages is to be saved in the Huber dorms except for items purchased through the commissary program.

19. Visits with Attorney and Clergy will be allowed at reasonable times of the day for reasonable lengths of time.

20. Visiting hours are for immediate family or anyone over 18 who is approved through the visitation request form that you can request on the 1st of every month. The following days and times are designated for visitation. Thursdays from 7:00pm-9:00pm and Sundays from 1:00pm-3:00pm. The jailer on duty has the authority to deny a visit to any prisoner when, in the jailer’s opinion, the visit would not be in the best interest of jail security. Lengths of visits are at the discretion of the jailer on duty; but will not exceed 30 minutes. You will receive a visitation request form prior to reporting to jail. It can be submitted when you are booked in or you will have 3 days from date of booking to submit it.

21. Incoming and outgoing mail will be inspected for contraband. Legal mail is correspondence with your attorney. Mail to attorney will be sealed in front of a jailer and labeled Attorney. Mail from your attorney will be opened in front of the inmate and inspected for contraband.

22. Any sickness or injuries are to be reported to the jailer on duty. Inmates are responsible for their own medical and dental expense while incarcerated in the jail.

23. Prescription medications must have a current prescription and drug store label affixed to them. Over the counter medications can’t be brought in without a Dr’s prescription and will be kept by the jailer. All prescription drugs will be set up by the jail nurse and issued by the jailer on duty as the prescription indicates. Inmates leaving the Huber dorm for work, school etc. are responsible for asking the jailer on duty for any medications they are required to take while outside the jail. All medications will be taken with a full glass of water in the presence of the jailer on duty. All medications will be secured in the jail.

24. You may earn up to one-fourth good time on any sentence when applicable.

25. For violations of any of the jail or Huber/Work release rules, you may be held without Huber privileges for a period of up to 5 days for each violation. You may also lose good time. The court can also be petitioned to have your Huber privileges permanently revoked. If the rule violation constitutes the commission of a crime, you may be charged with that offense. This could result in an extension of your sentence in the county jail or being sent to a state institution. You are entitled to a Due Process Hearing.

26. You must notify the jail staff at least 72 hours in advance and in writing of any court appearance, appointment to see your probation officer, doctor, dentist, counseling and etc. Jail staff needs to know the following information to verify the appointment: Where (name of provider) Address (not just the city) Phone number Date and time Name of person being seen by Court case number if going to a court appearance Appointments will be verified and appointment sheet will be taken to appointment and returned to jail staff the same day as the appointment. Inmate will go directly to the appointment and will return directly after the appointment. If medications are needed to be picked up, inmate will call jail staff prior to stopping.

27. If you are a transfer inmate from another county jail, you will be returned to that county if you break any of the rules and regulations of this jail. If you are laid off or fired or otherwise lose your employment for any reason you will be returned to the sentencing county.

28. A phone is available in the Huber dorm to make collect calls only unless you purchase phone time through the commissary program.

29. Exceptions to the above stated rules as follows: a. Self-employed farmers may be exempt from the 6 day, 12 hour limit. This only applies to those who are responsible for the operation of their own farm. It does not apply to hired hands. Each case will be looked at on an individual basis. Exceptions will be made based on the needs, type of farm, time of year etc. and reviewed by the Jail Lt or his/her designee. b. If your occupation is being a caretaker for your children, you may be allowed to go to your residence to care for your children. Verification will be made of your spouse or significant other’s employment and the hours involved prior to you being allowed to go home for childcare. This cost is $5.00 per day. c. Full time students will not be required to have a job which pays minimum wage, but will file a schedule of their classes and a telephone number where they can be reached at all times away from jail. Failure to follow that schedule, or if jail staff is unable to reach the student/ inmate by telephone disciplinary action could be taken.

30. Huber inmates must sign out on the Huber sign out sheet each time they leave the jail and sign in when they return.

31. Any time a Huber Inmate changes their location while outside the jail, they must contact the jail. Huber Inmates who drive may stop for gas after calling the jail and asking permission. Huber Inmates who go to medical appoints and need to pick up prescription medication must call the jail and ask permission. For Huber Inmates whose job requires them go from job site to job site must call the jail before they leave their prior location, give the location they are going to and call again when they reach that location.

32. While in the Buffalo County Jail, inmates will be required to wear jail uniforms and shoes. Inmates will change from their work clothes to jail uniforms after returning from work and in the supervision of the jailer on duty. All clothing removed will be given to the jailer on duty and searched.

33. No pornographic material will be allowed in the jail. If you are found to be in possession of pornographic material you will be subject to disciplinary action.

34. Absolutely no items will be brought into the jail by inmates or delivered to inmates unless they are medically necessary (by prescription or approved by Jail Nurse). Items approved by Jail Nurse will be set up “AS NEEDED”.

35. Clothing items that are allowed into the jail are as follows; seven pairs of socks, seven t-shirts without writing or graphics on them, short or long sleeved (no muscle or tank top style shirts), seven pairs of underwear, a top and bottom of thermal underwear. Nothing will be allowed in with a drawstring or hoodie.

                                      Date Revised 9/8/2015